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Is your company:

Getting attention?

Obtaining coverage?

Attracting qualified prospects & sales leads?

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Does your company need to:

Become better known in your target market?

Generate more interest in its product or service?

Differentiate itself from the competition?

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We can do the same for you.

Our clients say it best…

"A tenacious advocate"
"Outstanding insight"
"Results on top of results"
"Excellent lead generator"
"A wealth of experience"
"Solid business judgment"
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Kay Paumier helps companies be more successful by increasing awareness of their products and services. She spreads the word about what makes them special, helping generate the awareness and credibility her clients need to succeed.

Are you a B2B company that is:

  • Trying to become better known?
  • Struggling to differentiate yourself from your competitors?
  • Finding it hard to attract new clients?

Communications Plus can help you stand out in the crowd.

We provide solid, strategic content marketing, brand communication and public relations services that get organizations the attention they deserve. We help transform “best-kept secrets” into well-known entities and established companies into industry leaders. For more than 20 years, we’ve been serving B2B companies ranging from Fortune 1,000 to start-ups, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area.


  • “Kay is the embodiment of solid, smart and strategic.”Andrea Grindeland
    Information Arts
  • “Kay took a concept with which we had struggled articulating value and turned it into a concise, compelling document.” Christiana Rattazzi
  • “Kay writes clearly and concisely, and combines strategic understanding with an impressive attention to detail.”Emi Igarashi
  • “Kay is one of the most efficient, talented and amazing editors I have the pleasure to work with.”Sherry Chen, Socionext
  • “Kay brings a wealth of experience and solid business judgment. She delivers on her commitments and often extends beyond them.”Kim Beswick
  • “Kay has a strategic mindset and is always thinking two steps ahead.”Amy Smith
    Amy Smith Consulting
  • “For a soft news event Kay got us excellent coverage in the San Jose Mercury News, and front page articles in nine Silicon Valley Community News Group newspapers.”Christine Oliver
    Silicon Valley Open Studios (SVOS)
  • “Kay doubled the volume of our coverage the first year, and helped us stand out as a market leader.”Julie Knight-Ludvigson
    Xbridge Systems
  • “Kay took a raw, half-finished draft of my e-book and turned it into a 30-page e-book of outstanding quality. In 3 days. She is amazing.”Sue Raisty-Egami
    Sure Product Consulting
  • “Kay got us headed in the right direction and got us focused on what is important for our customers.”Robert Most
    Mind Garden
  • “Kay gives measured advice and guidance and is very focused on ensuring the best possible outcome for her client.”Liz Larson
  • “Kay’s news releases resulted in literally hundreds of trade and general press placements.”Raymond Schulz
    “Kay is extremely thorough and an excellent lead generator.”Christine Moore
    Flourish Communication (New Zealand)
  • “We always get more than we expect with Kay Paumier’s PR company.”Darrell Batchelder
  • “Kay is an outstanding writer and editor with a solid background in marketing and public relations.”Steven Wolpern
  • “I started working with Kay in 2003 and she has always done great work.”Gudmundor Fertram Sigurjonsson
  • “Kay is proactive, accountable and gets results.”Laura Geary
  • “Thanks to Kay, public awareness of ACA has dramatically increased.”Ann Woods
    ACA, Northern California
  • “Kay helped us project an image of credibility in a complex industry.”Morgan Jones
    MoJo Designs
  • “Kay is responsive, thoughtful, thorough and persistent. She would be a valuable asset to any marketing team.”Erica Veneer
  • “Kay is focused, insightful, and of course, a great writer!”Susan Monroe
    Written Right
  • “Kay is a miracle worker. All along the way, I could see results on top of results.”Joy Montgomery
    Structural Integrity